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Bought a new car or checking to see if you have the best cover? With third party or comprehensive, we’ve got cover to meet your needs and budget.

Tower car insurance policies include

This is a summary only. For all of these benefits, please make sure you read the policy wording to understand the terms, conditions, limits and exclusions that may apply.

Automatic benefits


Compulsory third party

Collision cover

We'll cover your car for accidental loss or damage.

Fire damage and theft

We'll cover your car if it's damaged by fire, stolen or someone else attempted to steal it.

Damaging someone else’s car or other property

If you're in an accident and you cause damage to someone else's car or property, we'll cover you for your legal liability to repair it.

Up to $100,000Up to $100,000
Marine loss

Covers your share of any marine loss costs when your car is on board a ship.

Up to $100,000X
Claims that were not your fault

You'll keep your no claims bonus and we'll repair your car if it's damaged by an uninsured vehicle, if you can identify the person at fault and the fault was at least 50% theirs.


We'll pay for removing your car to the nearest repairer or place of safety if it can't be driven after a loss covered under this policy.

Natural disaster damage

We'll pay for natural disaster damage to your car during the period of insurance.

Replacement and additional cars

If you replace your car or buy a new one, we’ll automatically cover it for 14 days.

Up to $50,000X
Transport costs

We'll cover your travel and accommodation expenses to complete your journey or return home after an accident, or if your vehicle is stolen.

Up to $500

Lost or stolen keys

We'll replace your keys or remotes if they're lost, stolen or you think they've been illegally duplicated, and you won't have to pay any excess for the first claim.

Up to $500

Pay only one excess

Pay only one excess when claiming on multiple policies for a single incident at the same address.

No claims bonus

If you haven't had a claim with us (or another insurer) during the last year of your insurance, you'll receive a discount on your premium.


Optional benefits

Windscreen excess buyout

Windscreen and window glass are automatically covered, but if you choose this benefit, you won't have to pay any excess for any windscreen claims.

Rental car

If your car is stolen or undrivable after an accident, we'll cover the cost of hiring and insuring a similar car.

Up to $2,000

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